Collision 2022

Collision 2022
Title: Collision 2022
Ratings: 3.9/10
Runtime: 1h 39m
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Fabien Martorell
Writer: William Gillin, Fabien Martorell, Sean Cameron Michael
Actor: Tessa Jubber, Langley Kirkwood, Bonko Khoza
Language: English
Description: Collision 2022 begins with the several lives intersecting. Johan, his wife Diane, and their adolescent daughter Zoey. Bra Sol, the area’s crime lord, has ruled with an iron grip. Using Johan to keep things quiet, like the last person did. Palesa, the shopkeeper’s daughter, seeks to better her future. The three storylines will eventually come together. As individuals try to improve their lives, they are just making matters worse for everyone else. The insanity of trying to control an adolescent daughter, a guy attempting to take control, and a drug dealer attempting to keep what he has. You’ll be able to explore your favorite movies easily on the Afdah movie website for free.

Review of the movie Collision 2022.
This film depicts South Africa’s inter-tribal conflicts, with more than a scent of corporate corruption. I’m not sure if this is true to life, but the explanation is nicely written out. As we see the awful inevitability develop before our eyes, the tale picks up speed.

2022, Crime, Drama, Thriller