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This is drama, biography and sport movie. The United States in 1946: The race question is not only everywhere in the country is still a serious issue, but especially in sports. In American Major League playing a total of 400 players in various teams, but all are white. This unwritten law attempts baseball manager Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford) with the commitment of African American Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) soften with which he is confronted directly not only with the top officials of the MLB, but also with the press and his own players, the Brooklyn Dodgers. Download 42 Free Movie without fill any sign up form. Download movies for free without create any premium account. But just like Rickey has to suffer is what happens to Robinson, who along with his wife Rachel (Nicole Beharie) must resist various hostile, without being violent activities. His critics, he finally convinced on the field, where he won the hearts of his fans and gets the respect of his team members. The film adaptation of a biography as the first colored baseball player in the MLB is always a bit tricky, because in addition to an almost perfect scenario, the eyes of many critics to withstand, it is also an obligation to the fans of the man of the in 1947 has paved the way for his successor, and later very successfully engaged in political issues of racial segregation.


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2013, Biography, Dramatic, Sports