Download Hungerford 2014 Movie Full

Download Hungerford 2014 Movie Full

Director: Drew Casson

Stars: Georgia Bradley, Sam Carter, Drew Casson

Releasing Date: 3 May 2014 (UK)

Plot: For a faculty project, Cowen Rosewell begins recording a median week in his life along with his friends herring, Philippa Martell, and Phil’s brother Adam. A eruption is suddenly detected outside. the chums sally out with different onlookers to ascertain a weird cloud within the sky looming over their city of Hungerford. Cowen and his friends area unit invited to a celebration hosted by Janine, WHO features a troubled relationship with Cowen despite the fact that the 2 of them are smitten. Cowen and Janine discuss reconciliation before one in all the party goers falls violently unwell and begins forcing out up blood. Presuming that Adam place medicine within the girl’s drink, Janine kicks Cowen and his friends out of her party.

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2015, Horror, Sci-Fi