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Download Red Obsession 2013 Movie

Download Red Obsession 2013 Movie

The distortion is called “China “and the problem not easy to deal with, also because with France seems to have created a bond totally unbalanced. Many super managers who have a personal cellar millionaire, we report an estimated over 60 millions of dollars at auctions is not uncommon to purchase a case of wine for $ 1.5 million in cash. Download Red Obsession 2013 Movie with high quality prints without fill any registration form. Free movies Downloads without create any premium account. The huge, frightening amount of money that is flowing from every part of Europe and the world to China, together with the new sense of freedom of the people, pushing the price of these wines beyond predictable numbers and with great variability determined by the official critics international .The temporal analysis reported in the documentary film begins with the 2009 harvest , continued in 2010 with the sale of en-primeur, culminating in 2011. With surprising results a business incalculable. Far from remaining a given sterile, the examination continues and ends in a forecast of development of wine production in China, quantified in 8,000 hectares of new plants each year. It ‘a phenomenon that goes well beyond the thirty wineries


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2013, Documentary, Historical