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Download Star Trek Into Darkness 2013 Movie

Download Star Trek Into Darkness 2013 Movie

When Kathleen Kennedy, the new president of Lucasfilm since the takeover of the company by Disney offers to direct the next “Star Wars”, Abrams has already finished filming “Into Darkness” for several months. Yet his first sequence resembles nothing so much as a show of force “starwarsienne” as if he could glimpse the future through a black hole. The opening of the twelfth feature film “Star Trek” opens with a visit to a remarkable wild planet, Nibiru, populated by beautiful humanoids masked skin promised to destruction by the eruption of a huge volcano. Download Star Trek Into Darkness 2013 Movie with fast downloading speed without create any account. Download movies free without fill any registration form. This is a civilization and a global setting that would not be ashamed to face the inventions of George Lucas and his minions. But it is also the entry in the most hair-raising material for a “Star Trek” since the beginning of the film franchise in 1979, an impressive dive into the world of the Galactic Federation and unexplored worlds that made the salt of the original TV series and its many spin-offs. The tone is thus given by the opening reminder: travel, discovery and exoticism are the primary virtues of the series created by Gene Roddenberry.


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2013, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi