Download The Cosmonaut 2013 Movie

Download The Cosmonaut 2013 Movie

This is drama, history and romance based movie. Story of this film was based on a Novel written by Yago Ferreiro. Main star cast in this film is Katrine De Candole, Max Wrottesley, and Leon Ockenden. Director Nicolas Alcala from the beginning chose a story that may be of interest in the widest possible audience, including in Russia. Repelled from the Cold War myth: that in the Land of Soviets launch astronauts, then run to the heavenly heights, but still not able to return. Download The Cosmonaut 2013 Movie for free with high quality prints without fill any registration form. Free movies Downloads without create any premium account. And there they fly in flocks, among the stars. At Alcala this myth takes a few solyarisovskie shape: the protagonist, the Soviet astronaut returns to Earth decades after he left her. And finds his home planet extinct. After that – well, immersed in memories that make up a large part of the action. In general, the story of “Spaceman” recalls another similar space epic – the Finnish film “Iron Sky,” a year ago.


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2013, Dramatic, Historical, Romantic