Man of God 2022

Man of God 2022
Title: Man of God 2022
Ratings: 7.3/10
Runtime: 1h 49m
Genres: Biography, Drama
Director: Yelena Popovic
Writer: Yelena Popovic
Actor: Mickey Rourke, Tonia Sotiropoulou, Aris Servetalis
Language: English
Description: Man of God 2022 movie is directed and written by Yelena Popovic. The story starts with the eviction of the 45-year-old clergyman from Alexandria. The saint’s reputation during his tenure as Metropolitan, or bishop, of Pentapolis in Egypt. A few of the clergy are envious of him. Some of the clergy dismissed him because they were afraid he might become the next Patriarch of Alexandria. As a consequence, he was booted out of Egypt. He travels to Athens as a result of his clever instructional strategies. He gets renowned while also beginning one of his major literary masterpieces. Here get best Afdah free movies online collection with no subscription charges.

2022, Biography, Drama