1923 S01E01

1923 S01E01
Title: 1923 S01E01
Ratings: 8.2/10
Runtime: 1h 1m
Genres: Drama, Western
Director: Ben Richardson
Writer: Taylor Sheridan
Actor: Helen Mirren, Harrison Ford, Brandon Sklena
Language: English
Description: As we enter this brand-new area of Taylor Sheridan’s vast Yellowstone universe, a well-known voice welcomes us. Elsa, the destined Dutton daughter, was narrated by Isabel May, who brought her fearless spirit to the 1883 events. It also leads us through the first few seconds of 1923, when a Dutton gun is shortly pointed at both a man and a lion. As Cara Dutton approaches her target while holding a double-barreled shotgun level and blood oozing from her temple, Elsa utters, “Violence has always haunted this family.” Violence has been the Duttons’ constant companion from the Scottish Highlands and the slums of Dublin to the Civil War killing fields at Antietam and all the way to Montana, where it lurks among the pines, Elsa says. Watch here Afdah tv new series and Hollywood movies free online.

Review of the movie 1923 S01E01.
Harrison and Helen truly carry this performance, and Helen is fantastic as usual. The atmosphere and sets are also excellent. I adore western footwear, so this is a positive move in the right way. It was a fantastic first episode, although there were some odd edits.

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