3 Little Pigs 2022

3 Little Pigs 2022
Title: 3 Little Pigs 2022
Ratings: 5.1/10
Runtime: 1h 43m
Genres: Action, Crime
Director: James Bushe
Writer: James Bushe
Actor: François Jerosme, Gérard Loussine, Kristopher Kyer, Mona Marshall
Language: English
Description: 3 Little Pigs 2022 is a story about three pigs that construct three dwellings out of various resources. A Big Bad Wolf destroys the first two pigs’ houses, which are constructed of straw and sticks, but is unable to damage the third pig’s house, which is made of bricks. The first two brothers sing and dance, while the third is practical. The practical brother constructs his house using bricks. Stay connected with Afdah movies website to enjoy free films and shows online.

Review of the movie 3 Little Pigs 2022.
The storyline of The Three Little Pigs 2022 is about survival and common sense. Two of the three pig brothers enjoy having fun and are carefree. One man constructs a hay house. The other constructs his home from frail twigs and sticks.

2022, Action, Crime