Ahsoka S01 E06

Ahsoka S01 E06
Title: Ahsoka S01 E06
Ratings: 8.3/10
Runtime: 48m
Genres: Action, Drama, Adventure
Director: Jennifer Getzinger
Writer: Dave Filoni, George Lucas
Actor: Rosario Dawson, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Ray Stevenson
Language: English
Description: The Grand Admiral Thrawn research expedition reaches Peridea, a planet in a far-off galaxy. The great mothers of the Nightsisters live on the planet, the former home of the Dathmiri, and they welcome Morgan Elsbeth and the two mercenaries who are waiting for the exiled Thrawn. Sabine, a captive of the latter, is left on the planet to look for Ezra Bridger, who has gone missing. This week, we get to see the brand-new galaxy that was introduced to the universe. Galaxy, which the Jedi Order and the Dathomir witches are familiar with. Although Ahsoka only appears briefly in the episode’s introduction, these 49 minutes still manage to be entertaining. You can watch latest films on Afdah info and TV shows without any buffer issues.

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