Appendage 2023

Appendage 2023
Title: Appendage 2023
Ratings: 5.2/10
Runtime: 1h 34m
Genres: Drama, Comedy, Horror
Director: Anna Zlokovic
Writer: Anna Zlokovic
Actor: Emily Hampshire, Hadley Robinson, Brandon Mychal Smith
Language: English
Description: The outward appearance of Hannah, a youthful fashion designer and belies her ongoing battle with crippling self-doubt. Hannah soon starts to feel physically ill as a result of these suppressed emotions, and The Appendage, a vicious growth on her body, emerges. As Hannah’s health deteriorates, The Appendage starts to feed her worries about her parents’ lack of affection and understanding, her apparent lack of aptitude at work, her worsening relationships with her boyfriend and best friend, and more. When Hannah reaches her breaking point, she learns the startling truth: there are others out there just like her. The appendage is new enough to feel like an evolution of the body horror concepts sown all those years ago by the Cronenbergs and others. It is deftly paced and has some surprises up its sleeve. Given the vanity and competitive character of the fashion world, it seems like a sensible choice to set the movie there. Enjoy unlimited access of latest films on Afdah and Tv shows for free without any ads.

2023, Comedy, Drama, Horror