Baby Reindeer Season 1

Baby Reindeer Season 1
Title: Baby Reindeer Season 1
Ratings: 7.9/10
Runtime: 32m
Genres: Biography, Drama
Director: Weronika Tofilska
Writer: Richard Gadd
Actor: Richard Gadd, Leroy Brito, Hugh Coles
Language: English
Description: Baby Reindeer kicks off with Donny Dunn entering a police station to report a stalker. Daniels investigates the situation but doesn’t take it seriously. Donny, however believes the stalker needs help. When Daniels discovers it’s been ongoing for six months he questions the delay in reporting. Donny confesses he pitied the stalker. Later at a pub Donny encounters Martha looking distressed. He offers her a free cup of tea. Martha reveals she’s a lawyer and boasts about her famous contacts. Donny wonders why she couldn’t afford a cup of tea if she was telling the truth. Despite aspiring to be a comedian Donny finds himself stuck in a dead-end job and living with his ex-girlfriend’s mother. Afdah movies provides an extensive selection of the highest-quality new films and TV shows.

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