Big Gold Brick 2022

Big Gold Brick 2022
Title: Big Gold Brick 2022
Ratings: 3.3/10
Runtime: 2h 12m
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
Director: Brian Petsos
Writer: Brian Petsos
Actor: Andy Garcia, Emory Cohen, Megan Fox
Language: English
Description: Big Gold Brick 2022 is directed and written by Brian Petsos. The star cast is Andy Garcia, Emory Cohen, and Megan Fox. The story is based on Samuel Liston, a best-selling author who toured the country by giving tv interviews, radio shows, and conference calls about his life. It shows younger Samuel is a young man who is distraught about his life after his mother’s death and his girlfriend’s abandonment. Even more frustrated by his inability to write, for he intends to be a writer, young Sam begins drinking on a regular basis, and in a fit of rage, he decides to leave home. Catch the live streqaming of latest Afdah Movies and shows for free of cost.

2022, Comedy, Fantasy