Bitconned 2024

Bitconned 2024
Title: Bitconned 2024
Ratings: 6.7/10
Runtime: 1h 33m
Genres: Documentary
Director: Bryan Storkel
Writer: Weston Currie, Jonathan Ignatius Green
Actor: Robert Farkas, Sohrab Sharma, Ray Trapani
Language: English
Description: “Bitconned” opens with a shot of the most contentious person the documentary interviewed: Raymond “Ray” Trapani, a Centra Tech cofounder. He can be seen answering interview questions while surrounded by mirrors and having two tailors fit him for a designer suit. Given that Trapani is depicted in the documentary as an unrepentant narcissist, it makes sense that he would be surrounded by mirrors in the first scene of the film. In the documentary Trapani and other close associates frequently state that their childhood ambition was to become a multimillionaire criminal. In the first scene, he states, “Really, I don’t mind being looked at as a criminal. It’s difficult. My entire life I have committed crimes scams and other such things. Afdah movies is among the best website to find free movies online.
2024, Documentary