Black Water Abyss 2020

Black Water Abyss 2020
Title: Black Water Abyss 2020
Release Date: 7 August 2020
IMDB Rating: 4.6/10
Runtime: 1h 38min
Genres: Action, Drama, Horror
Director: Andrew Traucki
Writer: John Ridley, Sarah Smith
Actor: Jessica McNamee, Luke Mitchell, Amali Golden
Language: English
One fine day, when nothing boded ill, several best friends and experienced amateur explorers could learn that scientists had found a new system of cave caves in Northern Australia, or rather, on its outskirts. Full of optimism, the main characters immediately go in search of mysterious grottoes and soon the young people wandered, unexpectedly for themselves, into the deepest jungle of the mainland.
2020, Action, Drama, Horror