Cave Rescue 2022

Cave Rescue 2022
Title: Cave Rescue 2022
Ratings: 6.0/10
Runtime: 1h 39m
Genres: Drama
Director: Tom Waller
Writer: Katrina Grose, Don Linder, Tom Waller
Actor: Apa Bhavilai, Erik Brown, Lawrence de Stefano
Language: English
Description: When a football team of 12 boys and their 24-year-old coach got stranded in a cave in 2018 because of a sudden downpour and rising water levels in the tunnel system, the entire globe held its breath. Amazingly, all 13 were rescued during the subsequent rescue operation that involved divers from the US, UK, Ireland, and Canada. Sadly, one of the Thai Navy SEAL divers participating in the rescue perished, according to this movie. Explore latest Afdah free movies online without any hindrence of ads or popups.

Review of the movie Cave Rescue 2022.
It is amazing to watch how people from all across Thailand and even the rest of the globe bonded, got over their prejudices, and eventually built enduring connections.

2022, Drama