Deus 2022

Deus 2022
Title: Deus 2022
Ratings: 4.1/10
Runtime: 1h 30m
Genres: Sci-Fi
Director: Steve Stone
Writer: Steve Stone
Actor: Claudia Black, Richard Blackwood, Phil Davis
Language: English
Description: A sort of dark sphere is seen orbiting Mars, so scientists are dispatched to inspect. They realize the sphere is actually a blazing light from which one word is repeatedly conveyed in more than four thousand languages after awakening from an eight-month sleep onboard their spacecraft, the Achilles: God. A sequence of perplexing questions is posed to the crew, who are startled and frightened. Will their encounter with “God” push them over the edge into madness? All collections are arranged according to its popularity on Afdah2 streaming website.

Review of the movie Deus 2022.
This movie will likely appeal to sci-fi fans like myself. The actors won’t be nominated for any Oscars, but that is typical of science fiction. The sound effects and soundtrack were both excellent and engrossing, which was another plus. Definitely an improvement over Mr. Stone’s earlier movies.

2022, Sci-Fi