Download Home Run 2013 Free Movie

Download Home Run 2013 Free Movie

The baseball star Cory Brand knows what it takes to win in the big leagues. But off the field is his life out of control by memories of the past. Hoping to save his career and reputation after drunk driving and a suspension, his agent sends him back to the small town where he grew up. Forced to coach the local youth baseball team and 8 weeks by bringing in some rehab that the town is rich, Cory can’t wait to return to his old life back. Download Home Run 2013 Free Movie without fill any registration form. Download latest movies for free without any membership account. This is drama and sports based movie. Ace of baseball, Brand Cory knows how to defy adversity on the field but can’t come to terms with his life drifting, due to a haunting past that have struggled to forget. Hoping to save career and reputation after a drug test proved positive, Cory is convinced by his agent to return to the small town where he grew up to coach a youth baseball team and to spend eight weeks in rehab. Slowly rediscovering the joy of sport, freed from the past and finding love, Cory will complete an extraordinary process of transformation and redemption. But if the young players help him to experience the fun in the game Cory discovers his need to leave the future to find hope and the love he left behind to win back. Past behind

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2013, Dramatic, Sports