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Download The Boy 2016 Movie

Download The Boy 2016 Movie

Director: William Brent Bell

Stars: Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans, James Russell

Writers: Stacey Menear

The Boy (2016) on IMDb

Plot: A young lady who has stirred from Montana to England, seeking to disentangle herself from an abusive relationship. She shows up at a formidable, rambling manse in hand by Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire within the position of nanny to the Heelshires’ young son Brahms. The kicker is that the nicer dotty Heelshires’ offspring is a doll, apparently designed to manage their grief over losing their flesh-and-blood son in a very mysterious hearth years before. The 2 folks offer Greta a listing of Do’s and Don’ts concerning their ceramic ware un-child and take off for a much-needed vacation. Brahms, however, refuses to remain place. During a customary series of jump scares and mirror shots, Greta and her new friend and grocer/potential suitor Malcolm arranges to puzzle out the doll’s backstory, and whether or not the supernatural is actually concerned.

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2016, Horror, Thriller