Download They’re Watching 2016 Movie

Download They’re Watching 2016 Movie

 Director: Jay Lender, Micah Wright

Writers: Jay Lender, Micah Wright

Stars: Mia Faith, Kris Lemche, David Alpay

Release Date: 25 March 2016 (USA)
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Plot: The story sees a camera crew head for an eastern European village wherever they commit to shoot a home improvement episode, as Becky Westlake has found some way to show an entire dump into a fine looking very little bungalow. However, Once in foreign territory things don’t go quite as swish as this crew would have most popular. They’re not too well sophisticated of native culture, which ends with them repeatedly insulting the locals. And not solely do those locals notice the Americans’ presence annoying, they’re willing to try and do what it takes to urge them out of their hair permanently. Strangely enough, though, is that the undeniable fact that the locals is also the terribly least of those youngsters’ worries.

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2016, Comedy, Horror, Thriller