Edge of the World 2021

Edge of the World 2021
Title: Edge of the World 2021
Ratings: 6.2/10
Runtime: 140 min
Genres: Adventure, Drama
Director: Michael Haussman
Writer: Rob Allyn
Actor: Dominic Monaghan, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Josie Ho
Language: English
Stream Edge of the World. This is the story of a boy named James Brooke. According to his thinking without experience life is nothing. One day he decides to go on the island of Borneo. There is the rules and peoples have come under the possession of the King. King has all powers of that island. And the rules are very restricted on that Island. In this movie James Brooke help the king who lives on that island. And make some plan follow from his kin. And the king gives him a huge island place in return, where it makes his state. Watch the full movie in detail how James continues on this path and solves the problems one after another alone. Get all upcoming afdah movie website free movies.
2021, Adventure, Drama