Every Last One of Them 2021

Every Last One of Them 2021
Title: Every Last One of Them 2021
Ratings: 3.0/10
Runtime: 1h 22min
Genres: Action
Director: Christian Sesma
Writer: Alistair Cave, Chee Keong Cheung, Matthew Thomas Edwards
Actor: Richard Dreyfuss, Paul Sloan, Jake Weber
Language: English
Description: Every Last One of Them 2021 is a new Hollywood movie which is directed by Christian Sesma. The star cast of the movie is Richard Dreyfuss, Paul Sloan, and Jake Weber. The story of a movie is based on a story where a man named Jake Hunter searching for his missing daughter, Melissa. He comes to a small town’s bar to find her where he fights with the young son of the most powerful man in town, Nichols. Jake is arrested by police after some time he breaks free. He steals a police car and turns to Nichols’s home. Jake shoots his son and hangs out among the sections of the land of yields. At the point when outfitted men come in after him, Jake takes them out individually, with the utilization of some sort of mystery battle preparing. After a short time, Jake’s old boss, Murphy, is brought in to help. Could Jake endure sufficiently long to find what befell Melissa? Watch movies online without any membership costs on Afdah website.

2021, Action