Ferrari 2023

Ferrari 2023
Title: Ferrari 2023
Ratings: 6.8/10
Runtime: 1h 31m
Genres: Biography, Drama, History
Director: Michael Mann
Writer: Troy Kennedy Martin, Brock Yates
Actor: Adam Driver, Shailene Woodley, Giuseppe Festinese
Language: English
Description: Ferrari is Michael Mann’s first movie in almost ten years, following the incredibly underappreciated techno-thriller Blackhat (2015). Mann returns to the biopic genre with this picture, which is focused on Italian racer and businessman Enzo Ferrari. In the summer of 1957, Enzo Ferrari, a former race car driver who is now an entrepreneur, is facing a crisis. The business that he and his spouse Laura started from nothing ten years ago is in danger of going bankrupt, and they are having marital problems as they deal with the loss of their only son and their inability to accept that Enzo is also the father of another child with a woman by the name of Lina Lardi. When Ferrari and his drivers start the Mille Miglia, a perilous 1,000-mile race, they do so at the last possible moment. With Afdah free movies you can explore a vast collection of TV shows and movies from around the world.

2024, Biography, Drama, History