Gun and a Hotel Bible 2021

Gun and a Hotel Bible 2021
Title: Gun and a Hotel Bible 2021
Ratings: 6.6/10
Runtime: 58 min
Genres: Drama
Director: Raja Gosnell, Alicia Joy LeBlanc
Writer: Bradley Gosnell, Daniel Floren
Actor: Bradley Gosnell, Daniel Floren, Mia Marcon
Language: English
Stream the movie Gun and a Hotel Bible in HD. Raja Gosnell and Alicia Joy LeBlanc is the director of this movie. Bradley Gosnell acts as Pete. He was in a relationship with Mia Marcon as a Cindy girl for the last 6 months. But their relationship ended quickly when she left him for another man, Leo. Pete thinks that she will be not happy without him. And start to follow her. Although he admits it was good to see her happy after he made her so unhappy. One day he saw Cindy with her new boyfriend in Cafe. And check in his favorite hotel to shoot her. And suddenly Gideon appears for a moment and starts questioning with conversation. Then reappears with a new Bible verse. Gideon brings up several Bible verses, but Peter has heard them all. Stream this full movie in Afdah till the end that whether Peter goes through with his plan or not about killing Leo’s new boyfriend.
2021, Drama