Heart of Stone 2023

Heart of Stone 2023
Title: Heart of Stone 2023
Ratings: 5.5/10
Runtime: 2h 2m
Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller
Director: Tom Harper
Writer: Greg Rucka, Allison Schroeder
Actor: Jing Lusi, Jamie Dornan, Paul Ready
Language: English
Description: Our main characters are in the midst of a covert mission to apprehend a wanted arms dealer while traversing a landscape of snowy mountains. While Rachel Stone, the tech person who stays indoors, is an MI6 agent, Parker, Bailey, and Yang are MI6 agents. They don’t realise it, but Stone is actually a covert agent for the incredibly covert peacekeeping group “Charter,” which is unknown to the public. They have a remarkable technology called “The Heart” that allows them to access anything on the planet, and they typically use it to evaluate the mission success rate. However, while attempting to apprehend the arms dealer, things go wrong, and even Stone was forced to put her identity in danger in order to save the teammates to whom, according to the head of Charter, she should never become attached. Browse Afdah site which is a movie streaming service that enables users to access free movies online.

2023, Action, Crime, Thriller