I Am: Celine Dion 2024

I Am: Celine Dion 2024
Title: I Am: Celine Dion 2024
Ratings: 8.4/10
Runtime: 1h 43m
Genres: Documentary, Biography, Music
Director: Irene Taylor
Writer: Irene Taylor
Actor: Céline Dion
Language: English
Description: Filmmaker Irene Taylor offers a glimpse inside Celine Dion’s personal life during this trying period in her film I Am Celine Dion. Through unguarded interviews and vérité-style video we witness how the illness is interfering with Dion’s daily routine and taxing her renownedly strong voice. She has always found great joy and release in singing so these changes deeply affect her. But despite all of this, Dion’s kindness, sense of humour and appreciation for her fans never falter. She is adamant about finding a means to play live once more and establishes a strong bond with her audience via her sensitivity. The documentary by Taylor provides a very personal glimpse into Dion’s world. We see the cascading ramifications of her diagnosis from a frustrating course of medical appointments to a tragic close-up medical crisis. Afdah info is an online streaming service where you can find the newest High Definition movies without any interruptions.
2024, Biography, Documentary, music