Jakob’s Wife 2021

Jakob’s Wife 2021
Title: Jakob’s Wife 2021
Ratings: 5.5/10
Runtime: 1h 38min
Genres: Horror
Director: Travis Stevens
Writer: Kathy CharlesMark, SteenslandTravis, Stevens
Actor: Barbara Crampton, Larry Fessenden, Bonnie Aarons
Language: English
Anne is married to a small-town minister and feels like her life and marriage have been contracting in the course of recent years. After a possible experience with “The Master,” she finds another feeling of force and a craving to live greater and bolder than previously. As Anne is progressively torn between her alluring new presence and her life previously, the body tally develops and Jakob acknowledges he should battle for the spouse. Afdah2 streaming site has a bundle of new movies, enjoy that also.

2021, Horror