Jewel 2022

Jewel 2022
Title: Jewel 2022
Ratings: 3.2/10
Runtime: 1h 20m
Genres: Drama
Director: Adze Ugah
Writer: Glenrose Ndlovu, Adze Ugah
Actor: Michelle Botes, Connie Chiume, Chris Djuma
Language: English
Description: Jewel 2022 story begins with South African travel photographer Tyra Black arriving in Sharpeville. A town enveloped by the tragedy of the 1960 massacre. She takes a liking to a local woman named Siya and requests a personal tour of the area. Tyra Black is a travel photographer with a past connection to the town. Siya must overcome her own reservations before making the offer for a special set of excursions, as the community does not approve of the friendship. Tyra’s grandmother regards her as a good person who can assist the family with their troubles. Then there’s the robbery team. Watch full movies with HD Quality on your device on Afdah movies website.

Review of the movie Jewel 2022.
This film appears to be about two ladies from various walks of life who find common ground and fall in love. However, the film is primarily concerned with a man’s unwillingness to let go, his emotions of ownership over the women in his life, and the extent he will go to secure their honor.

2022, Drama