Montana Story 2022

Montana Story 2022
Title: Montana Story 2022
Ratings: 6.8/10
Runtime: 1h 54m
Genres: Drama
Director: Scott McGehee, David Siegel
Writer: Scott McGehee, David Siegel, Mike Spreter
Actor: Haley Lu Richardson, Owen Teague, Gilbert Owuor
Language: English
Description: Montana Story 2022 movie is directed and written by Scott McGehee and David Siegel. The story follows Cal’s arrival on a large Montana spread. His lengthy features and halting step hint at what awaits him in his father’s enormous wooden, gorgeous home. When he walks in, a loud beeping sound greets him, and a friendly Kenyan nurse named Ace greets him. Cal’s father suffered from a stroke. He’s now in a permanent coma and on life support in the living room. The ranch isn’t in much better shape, with a defaulted mortgage, no cattle, a 25-year-old stallion on his last legs, and a few hens. Cal tries to carry the load alone until his estranged sister Erin shows up unexpectedly. Hey everyone, you should try once Afdah movie website to watch a free movies or tv shows online.

Review of the movie Montana Story 2022.
The family story is presented in a controlled and pleasing manner. Explanation and backstory are gradually revealed until these well realised individuals reach their terrible breaking point, at which point the emotional reward explodes.

2022, Drama