Mortal Kombat 2021

Mortal Kombat 2021
Title: Mortal Kombat 2021
Ratings: 6.6/10
Runtime: 1h 50min
Genres: Action, Adventure, fantasy
Director: Simon McQuoid
Writer: Greg Russo, Dave Callaham
Actor: Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee, Josh Lawson
Language: English
In the present, the domain of Outworld has crushed Earthrealm in nine of ten deathmatch competitions called “Mortal Kombat”, expecting to overcome Earthrealm, and Earth is defeated. Nonetheless, an antiquated prescience is revealed, expressing that the “blood of Hanzo Hasashi” will join another age of Earthrealm’s bosses to forestall Outworld’s triumph. Mindful of this, soul-eating magician Shang Tsung utilizes fighters to execute Earthrealm’s heroes, distinguished by a particular winged serpent mark before the following competition starts. To watch more Action movies visit free movies afdah website.

2021, Action, Adventure, Fantasy