Murder Mystery 2 2023

Murder Mystery 2 2023
Title: Murder Mystery 2 2023
Ratings: 5.7/10
Runtime: 1h 29m
Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime
Director: Jeremy Garelick
Writer: James Vanderbilt
Actor: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Mark Strong
Language: English
Description: Following the successful investigation of several deaths while on their anniversary vacation to Europe, Nick and Audrey Spitz are having difficulty establishing their private detective business. Disappointed, the partners accept an invitation to a tropical island for the wedding of The Maharajah, a friend they made while attempting to solve prior crimes. The Maharajah is taken hostage during the wedding, and a $50 million ransom is demanded. Can Nick and Audrey solve yet another crime with so many suspects all around them? Here get the best alternative for Afdah info streaming platform without any charges.

Review of the movie Murder Mystery 2 2023.
Audiences adored it, and the movie became the year’s biggest hit on streaming services. Therefore it comes as no surprise that a sequel has been released, and it also comes as no surprise that critics will once again despise it.

2023, Action, Comedy, Drama