Poker Face S01E07

Poker Face S01E07
Title: Poker Face S01E07
Ratings: 7.4/10
Runtime: 48m
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Director: Iain B. MacDonald
Writer: Rian Johnson, Joe Lawson, C.S. Fischer
Actor: Natasha Lyonne, Tim Blake Nelson, Charles Melton
Language: English
Description: This episode begins with a murder, travels through time to reveal how Charlie may have known both the murderer and the victim, and finally has solve the crime. Charlie is continually traveling and encountering new murder riddles to solve since she is on the run from Sterling Frost Sr., Cliff, and Kazimir Caine. In the sixth episode of Poker Face, a murder investigation, Charlie once more gave away her whereabouts covertly. Tim Blake Nelson and Charles Melton competed in a racing scene in Poker Face episode 7, but a twist turned the show’s formula on its head. Here visit collections of movies and Tv shows at Afdah 2022 with no ads.

Review of the series Poker Face S01E07.
The work on the lighting, camera setup, and set design was less intriguing than usual but nevertheless nice in this episode, which had a pretty standard structure. Charlie may also be seen wearing a skirt, and we must admit that she looked hot in it, but she was really the only enjoyable and unique aspect of this episode.

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