Scrapper 2021

Scrapper 2021
Title: Scrapper 2021
Ratings: 6.2/10
Runtime: 1h 27m
Genres: Crime, Thriller
Director: Bari Kang
Writer: Bari Kang
Actor: Ava Paloma, Craig muMs Grant, Myles Clohessy
Language: English
Description: Scrapper 2021 movie is directed and written by Bari Kang. The star cast of Ava Paloma, Craig muMs Grant, and Myles Clohessy. The story of the movie follows Jake who is an ex-inmate. He works to haul waste material to interrupt down into scrap steel. Jake is always proud of the work because it is honest residing but doesn’t make more money from it. On the other side of the story, he takes care of his mentally unfit brother, J.B. Upon finding that he should again enter jail life. He has to search for a place to rob with more money and pay again the mortgage within per week. After that, he is getting chased by both violent Punjabi and Mexican criminals following a robbery. As the situation converts into brutal violence, with everyone Jake loves at stake. He needs to go to his own darkest places to finally underground from that place. Enjoy free web shows here on Afdah Tv collection in HD quality.

2021, Crime, Thriller