See How They Run 2022

See How They Run 2022
Title: See How They Run 2022
Ratings: 6.6/10
Runtime: 1h 38m
Genres: Comedy, Mystery
Director: Tom George
Writer: Mark Chappell
Actor: Kieran Hodgson, Pearl Chanda, Gregory Cox
Language: English
Description: It is 1953, one year after The Mousetrap, a play by Agatha Christie, made its West End debut. The play is still very popular, and there are rumors that haughty American director Leo Köpernick will turn it into a movie. That is, of course, prior to his murder backstage, which leads Inspector Stoppard and Constable Stalker to launch a police investigation. Inspector Stoppard is a damaged alcoholic. The film’s opening sequence, which introduces a colorful cast of characters with a variety of motivations and opportunities, is rote but done with purpose, and the set design and cinematography hint at the lighthearted entertainment to come. Here select your favorite title and direct go to the media player with Afdah movie without no ads.

Review of the movie See How They Run 2022.
Tom George’s direction is excellent; thankfully, he is not overly concerned with copying Wes Anderson and instead focuses on creating a chic movie with snappy editing and attractive split screens. Daniel Pemberton’s music is good and fits the quirky nature of the movie well.

2022, Comedy, Mystery