Self Reliance 2024

Self Reliance 2024
Title: Self Reliance 2024
Ratings: 6.1/10
Runtime: 1h 25m
Genres: Comedy, Thriller
Director: Jake Johnson
Writer: Jake Johnson
Actor: Jake Johnson, Andy Samberg, Bjorn Johnson
Language: English
Description: Tommy walks home after working at his office all day. He feels the sudden impulse to stop by his ex-Theresa’s house while he’s on his way. However he stops himself from making this pathetic gesture. Instead, he leaves to become independent. A car drives past on his way. Comedian and actor Andy Samberg abruptly looks out of the car and gives Tommy a call. Tommy finds it hard to accept that this is true. He says he’s a huge fan of Andy. For some reason Andy invites Tommy inside the car. Tommy chooses to accompany them despite not knowing where they are going. Andy eventually drops Tommy off at an arbitrary location. Despite Andy’s concerns, Tommy enters a dilapidated location and approaches two men. Afdah movies is the most popular online streaming sites from which a user can watch all kinds of movies
2024, Comedy, Thriller