Slumberland 2022

Slumberland 2022
Title: Slumberland 2022
Ratings: 6.7/10
Runtime: 1h 57m
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Family
Director: Francis Lawrence
Writer: David Guion, Michael Handelman
Actor: Jason Momoa, Marlow Barkley, Chris O’Dowd
Language: English
Description: The fantasy adventure novel Slumberland 2022 is all about Nemo, a teenage girl who grew up with her father on a lighthouse. She lost her mother when she was very little, and she and her father are quite close. Her father read her tales of fantastical adventures while she was being home-schooled. In addition to formal education, he taught her a variety of skills. She was fully aware of the dangers at sea because her father was a sailor. One evening, her father leaves for a nighttime rescue operation but never returns. After being declared dead, Nemo is brought to the city and placed in her uncle’s custody. Explore trending Afdah movies online collections of Hollywood online without any hassle of ads.

Review of the movie Slumberland 2022.
The cinematography and CGI in this incredible movie are outstanding. It certainly is a Dream come true. The best family film of the year. This is great for kids and won’t bore grownups at all.

2022, Adventure, Comedy, Family