Swamp Lion 2022

Swamp Lion 2022
Title: Swamp Lion 2022
Ratings: 6.0/10
Runtime: 1h 51m
Genres: Crime, Drama, Western
Director: Torben Bech
Writer: Torben Bech
Actor: Michael Ray Escamilla, Bre Blair, Jack Elliot Ybarra
Language: English
Description: Swamp Lion 2022 follows working-class family fights to save their kid in the neo-western crime thriller Swamp Lion, which is based on writer-director Torben Bech’s own experiences. A little border town in Texas serves as the setting for this suspenseful, moving movie. Parents Jim and Bee struggle to pay their son’s mounting medical expenses. Jim determines he must do whatever it takes to earn the money when a new therapy costs $250,000 even if it involves trafficking narcotics across the US-Mexico border. This realistic, masterfully performed movie examines the lengths to which a family will go in order to rescue their kid and the moral degradation that may occasionally come after love and sacrifice. If you are getting bored at home then Afdah movies streaming service is an enjoyable.

Review of the movie Swamp Lion 2022.
As a movie, it’s decent in spots and tells the overused tale of what parents would do to rescue their children. Drug dealing appears to be the most lucrative, but it certainly has a lot of hazards.

2022, Comedy, Drama, Western