Take Care of Maya 2023

Take Care of Maya 2023
Title: Take Care of Maya 2023
Ratings: 8.0/10
Runtime: 1h 43m
Genres: Documentary
Director: Henry Roosevelt
Writer: Henry Roosevelt
Actor: Henry Roosevelt
Language: English
Description: Nobody could correctly identify Maya’s clinical condition, and Beata chronicled their entire trip. Dr. Kirkpatrick finally identified Maya as having Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. In order to cure the ketamine-induced coma, doctor administered Ketamine and advised the family to fly to Mexico. Maya’s condition became better with the medication until a recurrence in October 2016. When I visited the ER at John Hopkins, things changed drastically. Maya’s parents were no longer permitted to see her after the mother was arrested on charges of medical abuse of a child. Beata’s mental health suffered a cost that was inexplicable. This little girl was ordered by the hospital and the courts to live apart from her family for three months. Viewers can explore Afdah 2022 collections to enjoy old year movies with no cost.

2023, Documentary