Ted Bundy American Boogeyman 2021

Ted Bundy American Boogeyman 2021
Title: Ted Bundy American Boogeyman 2021
Ratings: 3.7/10
Runtime: 1h 50min
Genres: Crime
Director: Daniel Farrands
Writer: Daniel Farrands
Actor: Chad Michael Murray,Holland Roden, Jake Hays
Language: English
Description: Ted Bundy American Boogeyman 2021 is a new Hollywood movie that is directed by Daniel Farrands. The star cast of the movie is Chad Michael Murray, Holland Roden, and Jake Hays. The story takes place in 1974 where Ted Bundy is living in Utah. He is using his time to plan a string of deaths, drawn to the innocence and trust of young women who sense nothing off about the unknown people. Inside, Bundy is a psycho, losing a fight with insanity as his victim count grows. In Seattle, Kathleen McChesney is a sex crime police officer. He is want to sell the urgency of missing girls in town, finding her way to the wrath of Bundy. F.B.I. agent is team up with her who is interested in learning more about local crime. As the duo explore their investigation into the violence Bundy left behind, the murderer experiences a turbulent four years of activity, working to put targets at ease before murdering them, searching his way to Florida for his last stand. Always get updated with newly released movies of 2021 with the Afdah2 website.

2021, Crime