The Book of Clarence 2024

The Book of Clarence 2024
Title: The Book of Clarence 2024
Ratings: 5.7/10
Runtime: 2h 9m
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama
Director: Jeymes Samuel
Writer: Jeymes Samuel
Actor: LaKeith Stanfield, Omar Sy, Anna Diop
Language: English
Description: Jeymes Samuel is quickly making a name for himself as a director who doesn’t mind breaking the rules, and in this day and age, that is truly refreshing. Samuel returns with The Book of Clarence his take on the biblical epic, and the results are pretty amazing after his interpretation of a western in The Harder They Fall. In 29 A.D. Clarence a downtrodden and struggling man, attempts to take advantage of the rise of Jesus Christ by posing as a new Messiah sent by God in an effort to get out of debt and launch a glorious career for himself. is the website to watch Hollywood movies for free online without having to sign up or deal with ads.
2024, Action, Comedy, Drama