The Lady of Heaven 2021

The Lady of Heaven 2021
Title: The Lady of Heaven 2021
Ratings: 9.7/10
Runtime: 2h 21m
Genres: Action, Drama, History
Director: Eli King
Writer: Sheikh Al-Habib
Actor: Dimitri Andreas, Denise Black, Lucas Bond
Language: English
Description: The Lady of Heaven 2021 movie is directed by Eli King. The star cast is Dimitri Andreas, Denise Black, and Lucas Bond. This movie follows a story that happened in the past to the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. God’s prayers and peace arrive and his friends and family, and the disparity that happened to her little girl. The admired, kind woman for whom genuine unreal occurrences have been recorded for the people. He accepts that she has been violated and weeps for her, and this is demonstrated by the showed news all over. They are like a torturer who hurt a woman in the alley and assault her and then try to mum her so that she does not show his reality. Enjoy here new releases of cinema on Afdah free movies website.

2021, Action, Drama, History