The Skeleton’s Compass 2022

The Skeleton’s Compass 2022
Title: The Skeleton’s Compass 2022
Ratings: 4.0/10
Runtime: 1h 21m
Genres: Adventure, Family
Director: Sandra L. Martin
Writer: Cris Loveless
Actor: Luke Loveless, Caleb Baumann, Reagan Shumate
Language: English
Description: In the beginning, a group of school friends will get to see a skeleton in the forest. They will also get an amulet and a book which was written about gold. And he goes in search of gold treasure. The film starts with the summer season. Champ’s father is forced to sell his house and property due to a lack of work. He has been living there for many generations in that house. And the champ doesn’t want to leave his friends and that’s why he’s upset. The boy goes for a walk in the forest with his friend. There they go to find a skeleton and a compass and magazine. To risk his family’s home, he goes to find the gold just in time to stop the sale to Champ and his friends. Enjoy free famous collections of Afdah movies website with no membership fees.

Review of the movie The Harbinger 2022.
The Skeleton’s Compass is the best adventure movie you should watch this year. Friends from school embark on a genuine treasure hunt after finding a skeleton in the woods with a mystifying compass and a notebook with instructions by mistake.

2022, Adventure, Family