The Superdeep 2021

The Superdeep 2021
Title: The Superdeep 2021
Ratings: 4.9/10
Runtime: 1h 55min
Genres: 2021, Horror, Thriller
Director: Arseny Syuhin
Writer: Samuel Stewart, Hunter, Arseny Syuhin
Actor: Milena Radulovic, Sergey Ivanyuk, Nikolay Kovbas
Language: English
Description: Stream free online full movie The Superdeep 2021. It is a horror movie which is directed by Arseny Syuhin. This movie is based on the real-life Kola Superdeep Borehole. The star cast of the movie is Milena Radulovic, Sergey Ivanyuk, and Nikolay Kovbas. In 1984, the incident takes place in a station that is already buried miles beneath the surface of the Earth. This movie story starts after some problems occur in that place. Then the government shut down the station and sends viral specialist Anya to below. The government convinced her to go down into the station to recover whatever the station was working on before their Cold War stance was compromised. Anya is already depressed in her life’s tragedies. She agrees to something change in life. That research team goes down to the surface to find out what secret deep borehole is hiding. Everyone is don’t know yet that gruesome awaits the researchers. Watch this full movie in high quality on Afdah.

2021, Thriller