This Is Me… Now 2024

This Is Me… Now 2024
Title: This Is Me… Now 2024
Ratings: 4.9/10
Runtime: 1h 5m
Genres: Music, Musical
Director: Dave Meyers
Writer: Jennifer Lopez, Matt Walton, Dave Meyers
Actor: Jennifer Lopez, Fat Joe, Jane Fonda
Language: English
Description: This is Me Now if you can call it a story delves into the complex love life of the Artist, exploring both the highs and lows. From a young age her sole aspiration was to find love and settle down, but for various reasons, it never seemed to work out. She continuously hopped from one relationship to another, searching for that special someone to spend her life with. Alongside a supportive group of friends who experienced the same ups and downs, and a therapist to confide in, audiences embark on this emotional roller coaster until a breaking point is reached and valuable lessons are learned. is a great way to watch all the TV shows online for free without creating any account.
2024, music, Musical