To Olivia 2021

To Olivia 2021
Title: To Olivia 2021
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10
Runtime: 1h 39min
Genres: Drama
Director: John Hay
Writer: John Hay, David Logan
Actor: Hugh Bonneville, Bobby O’Neill, Eve Prenelle
Language: English
The movie is a true story of a family, is not happy in their entire life moments. Problems always exist in their lives. The story is casting Roald Dahl who is married to a famous actress Patricia Neal. They both have married unhappily. After their marriage, they got two loving daughters from God. But unluckily, their one daughter, Olivia has got some brain infection. They both were in a deep depression thinking of their daughter. Somehow they tried to make some happy moments, so they went on a vacation. But they were not aware of the thing that they are going to lose Olivia there. This happened and instead of moving the problems away from them, they are bound into a huge drastic situation. John Hay who is the director and writer of the movie has tried to illustrate the feeling of losing your own beloved ones. free movies afdah streaming site has a bundle of new movies, enjoy that also.

2021, Drama