Trolls Band Together 2023

Trolls Band Together 2023
Title: Trolls Band Together 2023
Ratings: 6.0/10
Runtime: 1h 31m
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Director: Walt Dohrn, Tim Heitz
Writer: Elizabeth Tippet, Thomas Dam
Actor: Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Kenan Thompson
Language: English
Description: Through two films, the Trolls franchise enthralled audiences with their vibrant animation, colourful characters and catchy soundtracks. Its formula, which has brought it and the IP some success at the box office and through inevitably occurring merchandise sales, seems a little stale now. Like with most IP, the emphasis tends to shift towards financial objectives above all else as it gets older and more saturated. It is essentially irrelevant to ask if a third Trolls movie is necessary. Its mostly younger audience determines its survival because it does not fit the target demographic. Afdah movie is an online streaming site where you can watch free movies in HD quality without any advertisement.
2023, Action, Adventure, Comedy