We Have a Ghost 2023

We Have a Ghost 2023
Title: We Have a Ghost 2023
Ratings: 6.2/10
Runtime: 2h 6m
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Family
Director: Christopher Landon
Writer: Christopher Landon, Geoff Manaugh
Actor: Jahi Di’Allo Winston, David Harbour, Anthony Mackie
Language: English
Description: The story is set in a Chicago-area home a year after the previous family mysteriously left. The Presley family, which consists of father Frank, mother Melanie “Mel,” and kids Fulton and Kevin, who are now living there, has taken up residence. Kevin isn’t too happy with the idea of moving yet again because Frank has a tendency of choosing foolish business projects that require them to relocate around. When in the attic, Kevin comes across a ghostly figure of a man wearing a bowling shirt with the name “Ernest” sewn on the breast. Kevin records the ghostly figure on his phone while it tries in vain to frighten him. Just visit Afdah movie website, and don’t need any signup to enjoy free movies here.

Review of the movie We Have a Ghost 2023.
Definitely Ernest is my favorite character. Fantastic performance! Given that David Harbour had no prior experience playing a guy like Ernest, he does an outstanding job in the role. He succeeds in eliciting sympathy from the audience, which is incredibly uncommon for spirits in movies.

2023, Adventure, Comedy, Family