Who is Erin Carter S01

Who is Erin Carter S01
Title: Who is Erin Carter S01
Ratings: 6.8/10
Runtime: 5h38m
Genres: Action, Crime, Adventure
Director: Ashley Way
Writer: Jack Lothian
Actor: Evin Ahmad, Sean Teale, Indica Watson
Language: English
Description: Somewhere in England, a woman and her young daughter are sleeping in an inn. She tells her young daughter that they are moving to a new location where it will always be hot and she can have ice cream every day, giving the impression that she is escaping from someone. They are in Barcelona five years later, and the woman, Erin, works as a teacher at an international school. Her daughter Harper doesn’t quite refer to her husband Jordi as her father yet, but they are married. They initially appear to be getting along well, but Harper, who is in the musical, gets insulted by one of the boys and punches him hard. Erin makes the decision to take her back home right away after she is expelled from the musical as a result. You can watch latest films on Afdah 2021 without any subscription charges.

2023, Action, Adventure, Afdah Tv Shows, Crime