Zoey 102 2023

Zoey 102 2023
Title: Zoey 102 2023
Ratings: 5.1/10
Runtime: 1h 41m
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family
Director: Nancy Hower
Writer: Dan Schneider, Monica Sherer, Madeline Whitby
Actor: Jamie Lynn Spears, Sean Flynn, Erin Sanders
Language: English
Description: Being a now 27 year old adult that grew up with the kids at PCA through the black mirror in my grandma’s living room, sitting uncomfortably on the carpeted floor for hours on end – I took a four-season journey with these characters… until it all came to a sudden conclusion. However as memory can be, it can be corrupted by time and nostalgia kicks in as we reflect on our childhood favorites. So when Zoey 102 was announced, it’s safe to say that I was eager to see these characters reunited. While this sequel film, set in the present day with the majority of the cast being now in their early 30s, does in fact reunite them, this reunion is missing a certain spark to set the nostalgia flames ablaze. Check out Afdah for streaming latest Hollywood films without any subscription charges.

2023, Comedy, Drama, Family