All The Old Knives 2022

All The Old Knives 2022
Title: All The Old Knives 2022
Ratings: 6.1/10
Runtime: 1h 41m
Genres: Thriller
Director: Janus Metz
Writer: Olen Steinhauer
Actor: Goksin Erdemli, Kasia Madera, Chris Pine
Language: English
Description: All The Old Knives 2022 movie is directed by Janus Metz. There are two timeframes in the storyline. In the current time, Henry Pelham, a CIA operative, travels to see his former colleagues, Bill Compton and Celia Harrison, the latter an old sweetheart. In order to learn more about the eight-year-old hijacking of Turkish Airlines Flight 127. The details surrounding the CIA office in Vienna dealing with the hijackers and attempting to find a solution on the day. However, comprise the alternative chronology of the film, taking place eight years earlier to the current day. All rescue efforts by the CIA, Austrian, and German authorities were futile, and the hijacking concluded with the terrorists releasing sarin gas onto the jet. This resulted in the deaths of all passengers, crew, and terrorists. Browse new Hollywood Afdah free movies online with no ads.

Review of the movie All The Old Knives 2022.
This is a fantastic film of the year. I really loved it and would see it once again. The plot’s twists and turns keep you wondering until the very end. It’s the ideal combination of inquiry, suspense, love, treachery, and politics. Chris Pine and Newton have both had outstanding performances.

2022, Thriller